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on-grid solar system

  • What exactly do you understand about solar power systems?
    What exactly do you understand about solar power systems? Nov 14, 2023
    With the rapid development of the economy, energy problems are becoming more and more serious, and renewable energy sources are becoming less and less. In order to deal with this problem, the country vigorously advocates the development of solar resources. Solar power systems have been installed in many places. What are the specific aspects of solar power systems? Let’s take a look with the editor.   The solar power system consists of solar cell components, solar controllers, and batteries (packs). Inverters can also be configured according to actual needs. Solar energy is a clean, renewable new energy that plays a wide range of roles in people's lives and work. One of them is to convert solar energy into electrical energy. Solar power generation is divided into photothermal power generation and photovoltaic power generation.     Solar power system classification   1. Anern hybrid solar systems utilize the principle of photovoltaic conversion efficiently and can either be connected directly to solar panels to generate electricity or connected to the grid. It is also known as a "hybrid system" or "solar energy storage system. If more energy is generated than is currently being used, the excess energy is stored in solar cells for future use. It is designed to provide backup power in the event of a grid outage.   2. The off-grid solar power supply system mainly consists of solar cell components, controllers, batteries, and inverters. Off-grid Solar System is designed to bring solar power to remote locations where there is no grid access. It works by converting the light energy absorbed by the solar panels into electricity. It requires a battery bank to store the energy which your solar panels generate. The solar controller controls the charging/discharging of the batteries, and finally the inverter converts the DC power into AC power so that it can be used by the user. They are often connected with a diesel generation parallel to provide backup during long time without sunlight.   3. On-grid solar systems allow users to utilize solar energy directly to the load during the day, while still being able to draw power from the grid when solar generation is low. Surplus energy generated by the solar panels can be sent back to the grid, allowing users to earn credits or other compensation through grids.     Features of solar power system   1. Long life: The quality guarantee period of crystalline silicon solar cell modules is 15-20 years;   2. High performance: The crystalline silicon solar cell power generation system has the characteristics of resistance to typhoons, hail, moisture, and ultraviolet radiation. The component system can work normally in the environment from minus 40 degrees to plus 70 degrees;   3. No responsibility required: No personnel responsibility is required during operation, and it can supply power to the load just like conventional energy sources;   4. Uninterrupted power supply: The system is designed with the local rainy weather conditions in mind and stores excess power in the battery to ensure that users still have enough power available for use on rainy days;   5. DC interference-free power supply: solar cell power generation equipment, no noise, no high-order harmonic interference in the power supply, especially suitable for communication power supply;     Anern solar power systems can be divided into off-grid,on-grid and hybrid three types, which is a clean energy solutions with wide application, rich function and reliable performance. Off-grid solar power system can be connected to the local power grid, which suitable for areas with no power coverage or unstable power grids. On-grid solar power system can feed the energy generated into the grid, which is a high-return project. Hybrid solar systems combine different solar technologies or integrate solar energy with other energy forms to overcome the limitations of individual systems, improve energy efficiency, and provide a more stable power supply under different conditions. If you are interested in any of our products,please feel free to contact us.

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