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Solar Battery

Anern focuses on the optimization of battery materials and improvement of processes. Battery's cycle life can reach 6,000 times. The highly compatible BMS works well with solar lithium batteries to provide accurate charge detection and battery status monitoring. Anern’s solar lithium batteries support multiple machines connected in parallel, which can flexibly adjust the capacity and voltage of the battery combination, greatly improving the flexibility and adaptability of the storage system.


Anern Solar Battery Parameter Comparison


Model 25.6V 51.2V Lifepo4 Lithium Solar Battery 25.6V 48V CATL Lifepo4 Solar Battery Rack LiFePO4 Lithium Battery 12V LiFePO4 Lithium Battery
Typical Voltage 25.6V/51.2V 25.6V/48V 25.6V/48V 12.8V
Typical Capacity 100/200/280AH 100/200/300AH 100/200AH 50/100/200AH
LCD Display Yes Yes None None
Battery Cell Brands Gotion/Narada CATL/BYD CATL/BYD CATL/BYD
Communication RS232, RS485, CAN RS232, RS485, CAN None None
Parallel Function Support up to 15 units Support up to 15 units Support up to 15 units Support up to 4 units


Solar Battery Applications
The government's support for renewable energy, especially in some countries, has provided huge opportunities for the solar energy storage industry by formulating energy transformation goals and improving the proportion of renewable energy. At the same time, the continuous progress of solar battery and energy storage technologies, especially the application of new energy storage technologies such as lithium-ion batteries, has improved the efficiency of solar energy storage systems, enhanced energy density and life, and further increased its competitiveness.


1. Lighting and power supply

Solar batteries can be installed in yards or warehouses to convert solar energy into electricity to provide lighting and power supply for homes.

2.Industrial and Agricultural Supply

Solar batteries can not only be detected in the factory production, but also can make a variety of sensors, through the use of photovoltaic batteries on a variety of wavelengths, response sensitivity to different detection of the color of light, solar batteries as a power source, with batteries and traffic command stop flashing lights so that you can realize the production of all-weather, mobile road traffic command.

3. Solar power stations

Solar batteries can be used to build solar power stations. Solar energy is converted into electricity and delivered to the grid to provide clean energy for the city.

4.Solar Transportation

If you own an electric car or an electric vehicle, you can pair it with solar components to charge it. Nowadays, many solar panels are utilized on bus stops, advertising lights, and RVs.


Solar Battery Advantages

  • Energy Independence
    Solar batteries can be installed in homes, commercial buildings, and neighborhoods and elsewhere to achieve energy self-sufficiency, reduce dependence on the power grid, improve energy independence, and increase energy consumers' control of energy.

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
    Compared with traditional energy, there is no harmful gas emission during the power of solar cells and will not cause pollution to atmosphere, water or soil. The use of the solar battery system not only helps to reduce carbon footprints, but also has made positive contributions to sustainable development.

  • Electricity Saving
    Generating electricity through solar batteries reduces or eliminates dependence on traditional electric utilities and saves money on electricity bills. Although solar batteries have a high initial investment cost, they provide a high return on energy in the long run because solar energy is a free and inexhaustible resource.

  • Low Maintenance Costs
    After installing the solar system properly according to the installation requirements, you only need to check it regularly. The solar battery can then become a transparent presence in your home and you can enjoy the unlimited energy it brings to you.

  • Long Service Life
    Anern adopts brand-new batteries from international first-tier brands, which are subject to strict quality control and testing, and have high quality and reliability to provide long-lasting energy supply.


Solar Battery Purchasing Guide


Solar Battery Purchasing Guide

1, According to the purpose to choose the appropriate lithium batteries, Anern lithium batteries cover the family or industrial and commercial and other different applications such as the needs of the environment, you can contact us to get the most appropriate solar solution.

2, Focus on the core parameters of the product: nominal capacity, weight, power, efficiency, lifespan, ambient temperature range and battery cells used. These important parameters can assess the quality of the battery to a certain extent.

3, Check the appearance and packaging of the product after purchasing a sample. Appearance is deceptive, but you can also screen out some inferior products from the appearance.

4, Test the internal resistance and maximum current, the fastest way to judge the performance of lithium battery is to test the internal resistance and maximum discharge current. Good quality lithium batteries, internal resistance is very small, and the maximum discharge current is very large.

5, Detection of charged work, generally with high-quality protection plate lithium battery quality is better than ordinary lithium batteries. In the process of lithium battery charged work, continuous discharge for about 10 minutes, the battery poles are not hot for lithium batteries with high quality protection plate, and the battery protection plate system is perfect.

6, Consider the technical strength of the manufacturer and choose a reliable brand. Anern has been deeply involved in the solar industry for 14 years, with over 30,000 square meters of production plants and extensive experience in the industry.


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10KW lithium batteries parallel inverter system solution well installed in Mauritius
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Lithium Batteries, Inverters and Solar Panels Mixed Wholesale in South Africa
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Wholesale solar panels project in Romania
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Wholesale solar inverter project in Ukraine
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