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Rack Lithium Battery
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Rack LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Rack LiFePO4 Lithium Battery adopted by the high safety performance, lithium battery cathode material for lithiumiron phosphate, high safety, high stability, high cycle life, high specific energy, specific power, low temperature performance is superior, but large current charge and discharge,

and many other advantages, at the same time, using BMS battery management system, with the charge, over discharge, short circuit, over-current (load), temperature, flow, total pressure protection, charging under the secondary electricity, balanced and various protective functions, can be connected to the base station power environmental monitoring systems,Intelligent software anti-theft design,Ensure the life of lithium battery and reduce the daily maintenance work.

Rack LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Parameter


Model AN-LPB-R-24100 AN-LPB-R-24200 AN-LPB-R-48100 AN-LPB-R-48200
Battery Type LiFePO4
Typical Capacity(AH) 100AH 200AH 100AH 200AH
Typical Voltage(V) 25.6V 25.6V 48V 48V
Energy storage(Kwh) 2.56Kwh 5.12Kwh 4.8Kwh 9.6Kwh
Voltage Working Range(V) 22.4-29.2V 22.4-29.2V 42-54.8V 42-54.8V
Working Temperature(°C)

Charge: 0-+55°C

Discharge: -20-+60°C

Storage Temperature(°C) -20-+40°C
Standard Charge Current(A) 0.5C
Max. Charge Current(A) 200A 250A 200A 250A
Max. Discharge Current(A) 200A 250A 200A 250A
SOC Accuracy <8%
Dimension(mm) 540*442*155 540*446*200 540*446*200 575*442*235
Weight(kg) 25kg 45kg 42kg 76kg
IP Grade IP54
Cooling  Nature
Certifications  CE, ROHS, UN38.3, MSDS


Rack LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Kev Features

1、 Modular design, small size and light weight;

2、One key switch machine, the operation is more convenient;

3、Suitable for long-term charge and discharge cycles;

4、Adopt multi-level energy consumption management;

5、Multiple parallel machines, automatic address acquisition without manual operation;

6、Support high-current charging and discharging;

7、Front operation and fornt wiring are convenient for installation and maintenance;

8、Adopt high-performance processor, international brand devices, high reliability;

9、Safety certification: CE, ROHS, UN38.3, MSDS, etc.


Advantages of lithium batteries over other normal batteries


Solar batteries are batteries that store electrical energy and supply it to the load, which are widely used in various solar system solutions. The most common battery varieties on the market are lead -acid batteries, nickel -metal hydride batteries, lithium -ion batteries and LiFePO4 lithium batteries.

Lifepo4 Lithium Solar Battery

Compared to other types of batteries, LiFePO4 lithium batteries have more obvious advantages:


1. High power density: LiFePO4 lithium batteries have higher power density than lead-acid batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries.

2. Long service life: LiFePO4 lithium batteries have a long service life, capable of cyclic charging and discharging thousands of times.

3. Lighter: LiFePO4 lithium batteries are lighter than lead-acid batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Rack LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Factory


The Anern Lithium Battery Factory has advanced production equipment and technologies, and adopts strict quality control processes to ensure the production of products that meet high -quality standards. According to the market demand for continuous innovation and R & D, the development of new lithium battery products to meet the needs of different customers, able to provide customized products and solar solutions according to customer requirements.

Rack LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

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25.6V 51.2V LiFePO4 Lithium Solar Battery
As part of the solar power system, solar lithium batteries play an important role in energy storage, emergency backup and environmental protection. Anern solar lithium battery modular design, small size, light weight; LCD display that shows various parameters of battery operation and LED indicator that switches colors according to the battery operation status for real-time monitoring of machine operation; support multiple parallel machines, automatic address acquisition without manual operation; using new A-grade lithium battery, long service life over 8 years; BMS battery management system, with 200A continuous overcurrent capacity, mainly used in household solar energy solutions.
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25.6V 48V CATL LiFePO4 Solar Battery
The solar lithium battery system can promote the use of renewable energy, with the role of energy reserves, balancing the load on the grid and improving the stability of the power system. The newly-designed lithium battery of Anern has a capacity of up to 300AH, adopts high-performance processor and international brand devices, and is available in floor-standing or wall-mounted design, which is an ideal solution for home solar power system.
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96-1000V High Voltage UPS Lithium Battery
High-voltage UPS lithium batteries are a type of batteries applied to uninterruptible power supply equipment in high-voltage environments, usually operating at voltages between 100V and 1,000V. It consists of multiple battery modules to increase the power and capacity of the whole system, and is characterized by flexible configuration and reliability. It is mainly used to provide backup power to ensure that critical equipment continues to operate in the event of grid failure or power outage, etc. 
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12V LiFePO4 Lithium Battery
Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, Anern 12V LiFePO4 lithium battery have higher energy density and longer cycle life. Adopting high-performance processor and international brand devices, the minimum rated capacity is up to 50AH, supporting up to 4 batteries in series, which is widely applicable to various small home solar system solutions.
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