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Commercial & Industrial Solar Systems

Commercial & Industrial Solar Systems

October 13, 2023

Process of Solution


Anern Industry Group Limited specializes in the field of photovoltaic research & development and the design of industrial and commercial solar power solutions. It is a major player in the development of new-energy with a professional and efficient operation team. Anern will provide you with three types of commercial solar power systems: off-grid solar systems, on-grid solar systems, and hybrid solar systems. The business covers PV project development, engineering consulting & design, construction and commissioning.

  • Commercial & Industrial Solar Power Systems
    Industrial And Commercial Project Consultation
    Online consultation for industrial/utility projects, design of large-scale PV power plants. You will get a clear picture of the type of PV modules, the form of installation, the area of installation, etc. Anern guarantees the fastest possible response service, providing integrated solutions from design to installation and commissioning.
  • Solar Power System Design
    Solar Power System Design
    Anern has 14 years of experience in photovoltaic, our team consists of professional engineers and technicians who will confirm the type of solar power system according to the different project conditions, to ensure that the benefits of the PV system are maximized and the implementation of the designed project is guaranteed.
  • Construction and Commissioning
    Construction and Commissioning
    Anern is always committed to introducing advanced technologies in the field of photovoltaics. The projects are followed up by engineers with 14 years of development experience until the PV system is up and running smoothly.
  • Worry-free After-sales Service
    Worry-free After-sales Service
    Subsequent system owners can monitor the data in the cloud, and the wirelessly real-time control software associated with the inverter that has monitoring and maintenance capabilities. It allows the system owner to keep a close eye on the operation of their PV system. This helps to locate problems or inefficiencies and provides great assistance with routine maintenance.


Product Introduction


Through continuous innovation and technological advances, Anern offers its customers efficient, reliable and sustainable solar systems. Whether it is a medium to large scale ground-mounted PV plant or a distributed commercial or industrial PV plant, we can customize the best solution for your needs.

The main solar components of the solution include: three-phase inverter, MPPT controller, High-voltage lithium battery and so on.


  • Three-phase inverter Three-phase inverter
    True sine-wave, off-grid type; LCD display of operating parameters. It has protective functions: Short circuit, overload, phase imbalance, reverse polarity and so on.
  • PV Charging Controller PV Charging Controller
    MPPT charging type, LCD display, intelligent control. It has protective functions: short circuit, deep discharge, input surge voltage, over current.
  • High-voltage lithium battery High-voltage lithium battery
    Adopt CATL, BYD or same level new battery solution, bulit-in high voltage BMS. Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) throughout all-day.




As a solar system manufacturer with 14 years of development experience in the field of photovoltaics, we are committed to providing solutions for large and medium-sized ground-based and distributed industrial, commercial and photovoltaic power plants.


solar system manufacturer

① Anern has set up factories in Shenzhen, Zhongshan and Zhejiang. Our factory are specializing in the production of solar panels, solar products, etc.

② Our products receive multiple quality checks throughout the entire process and are subject to stringent quality and reliability testing. Each product exceeds industry requirements and is backed by product warranty.

③ The professional engineers and technicians of Anern will confirm the type of PV system according to the different projects conditions to ensure that the benefits of the PV system are maximized and the implementation of the projects are guaranteed.




  • Commercial & Industrial Solar Power Systems
    Commercial & Industrial Solar Power Systems
    This is an excellent choice for offices, factories and other areas without electricity that require large-scale energy consumption. The high output capacity of the solar system can meet most of the energy needs of such businesses, thereby reducing their energy bills over time.
  • On-grid Commercial Solar Power Systems
    On-grid Commercial Solar Power Systems
    In most cases, they are installed on commercial and industrial rooftops or open flat land. It is based on the principle of converting solar energy into self-generation model or grid-connected power model. The combination of individual solar accessories makes it possible to run electrical appliances even during power outages.
  • Ground-mounted Power Plants
    Ground-mounted Power Plants
    The solar power stations use solar panels to convert sunlight into direct current (DC), which is converted into alternating current (AC) by inverter and supplied to the local power grid. Solar power plants are a very environmentally friendly energy solution as they reduce dependence on fossil fuels and reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. They are usually built in large open areas to maximize the use of sunlight.



Cambodia 50KW On-Grid solar system

12 2022-12

Cambodia 50KW On-Grid solar system
Project Type: Commercial UseInstallation Site: CambodiaInstallation Date: December 09, 2022System components: Cambodia 50KW On-Grid solar systemCustomer feedback: On-Grid solar systems convert solar energy into electricity without the need for battery storage and send the electricity directly to the grid via a On-Grid inverter.  
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105 Sets Evo Solar Inverters Were Shipped To Iraq

01 2024-02

105 Sets Evo Solar Inverters Were Shipped To Iraq
Project Type: Commercial Use Installation Site: Iraq Installation Date: November 15, 2023 System components: 105 Sets Evo-Series Solar Inverters Customer feedback: An energy company in Iraq recently purchased 105 Evo inverters from Anern. After a period of testing, they are very satisfied with these inverters. The performance of these inverters is very stable and the output power is strong enough to meet their needs. The solar inverters are easy to install and use. The manager of this Iraqi company highly recognized Anern's products and services. Meanwhile, they are looking forward to continue the cooperation in the future.      
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100KW off-grid solar power system project in Uganda

22 2023-12

100KW off-grid solar power system project in Uganda
Project Type: Commercial Use Installation Site: Uganda Installation Date: September 21, 2023 System components: Lithium Battery, Inverter and Solar Panel Mixed Wholesale in South Africa Customer feedback: A project manager in the Uganda region was struggling with the problem of power scarcity in the area. Later, he contacted Anern to work out a suitable solution. Anern provided a highly efficient 100KW Lithium battery solar power system, which was successfully put into operation. The problem of unstable power was successfully solved.
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Wholesale solar panels project in Romania

14 2023-04

Wholesale solar panels project in Romania
Project Type: Commercial UseInstallation Site: RomaniaInstallation Date: April 12, 2023System components: Wholesale solar panels project in RomaniaCustomer feedback: The Anern 550w Half-cut mono solar panels are sold worldwide and there is a growing demand for solar energy in Romania, a country located in the south-east of Europe. This is the first time that we have worked together with this client and we hope that we will be able to develop further with each other in the future  
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