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550W P-Type Half-Cut Solar Cell

550W Solar Cell
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550W P-Type Half-Cut Solar Cell

P-type half-cut solar panel adopts half-cut technology to convert solar energy into electricity more effectively and improve the energy conversion efficiency. Adopts advanced high-density encapsulation technology to ensure the perfect balance of efficiency and reliability. which is manufactured by high-precision tools to work well in harsh environments and have a long service life for a variety of scenarios.

550W P-Type Half-Cut Solar Panel Parameter


Model ANM-G400W (Full Black) ANM-G410W ANM-G460W ANM-G550W
PM(w) 400W 410W 460W 550W
Maximum Power Voltage 31.00V 31.30V 35.07V 42.00V
Maximum Power Current 12.91A 13.10A 13.12A 13.12A
Open Circuit  Voltage 37.00V 37.30V 41.55V 49.80V
Short Circuit Current 13.60A 13.79A 14.05A 13.98A
Module Size 1722*1134*30mm 1722*1134*30mm 1909*1134*30mm 2278*1134*30/35mm
Weight 22.0kgs 21.5kgs 23.1kgs 27.3kgs



Half-Cut Technology
Half-cut technology is a new and improved design for monocrystalline solar cells. This technology reduces the resistive losses in the interconnection of solar modules. The lower resistance between the cells increases the power output of the module while being more resistant to the effects of shadows than conventional solar cells.

Application of High-Efficiency P-Type Half-Cut Solar Panel

efficient solar panel

P-Type half-cut solar panels are available in different sizes and output levels, all with multiple uses.

① Solar Power: The high output of solar panels and their increased durability have prompted more people to choose them as an alternative to powering businesses and industries. Combined with other solar modules, they ensure backup power operation at night, on cloudy days and in emergencies.

② Water Heating

Solar energy is commonly used to heat water in businesses, industries, hotels and even hospitals. Users use rooftop photovoltaic (PV) cells to absorb solar energy and heat water in an insulated tank, which can store hot water for a considerable period of time for home use.

③Solar Lighting

You can use large solar panels to light up your garden or business, or even light up the street, as it is the best option for saving power, energy and costs.

④ Solar pumped irrigation

Solar energy generated by solar panel systems can be supplied to pumping equipment during the summer months to be used for farm irrigation. During hot weather, crops lose more water through the process of transpiration, at which point solar panels will produce more solar energy because they are under full sunlight. This makes solar panel systems a very suitable solution for irrigation because they are easy to access and affordable.

550W P-Type Half-Cut Solar Panel Factory


The Anern factory not only utilizes world-leading production technology and innovative design, but is also dedicated to producing highly efficient and reliable solar panels and applying this technology to a variety of applications, from personal yards to commercial and industrial projects, as well as agricultural and urban infrastructure. Through strict quality control and innovative green production methods, we ensure that each solar panel delivers superior performance and lasting stability.



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580W N-Type Bifacial Solar Panel
Solar panels are the core component of the solar power system, N-Type series solar panels, The combination of half-cut cell technology and bifacial module can amplify the gain over the effect of current-reduction. Better light trapping and current collection to improve module power output and reliability, Efficiency of up to 22.45%. It can provide better solar panel solutions to meet different application needs and promote the development and application of solar power systems.
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430W N-Type Dual Glass Solar Panel
Anern's N-Series solar panels utilize a combination of half-cut cell technology and bifacial modules. It also utilizes Hot 2.0 technology for increased reliability. Compared to traditional solar panels, it absorbs sunlight on both sides so that the power output and efficiency of the module is greatly improved. N-type modules averagely generate 3 .9% more electricity than traditional modules.
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580W N-Type Mono Perc Half Cut Solar Panel
Anern N-type Mono Perc Half-cut Solar Panel,assembled with multi-busbar PERC technique and half-cut structure. Through the half-cut technology, the current through each busbar is raduced to 1/2 than before. Therefore, the internal power loss of the half-cut module is reduced to 1/4 for the whole mould. Better light utilization and current collection,improve product power output and reliability.
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460W P-Type Solar Panel Half-Cut
Anern's half-cut solar panels utilize non-destructive half-cutting technology, lossless cutting technology, no mechanical damage and its smooth cutting surface without burrs. It has a low risk of cell breakage, reducing microcracking by more than 50%, and it shades a small area. And the panel adopts advanced high-density packaging technology to ensure the perfect balance of efficiency and reliability, and the efficiency of the module has been increased by more than 0.15%. The 460W Half-Cut Solar Panel can provide you with reliable backup power in a variety of scenarios.
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410W P-Type Half-Cell Mono Solar Panel
The 410W P-Type Half-Cell Mono Solar Panel adopts the Up-down symmetrical parallel module design, which can effectively reduce current mismatch caused by shading and other conditions. In addition, the 410W P-Type Half-Cell Mono Solar Panel can provide you with the double guarantee of efficient power generation and stability and reliability. This solar panel adopts advanced high-density encapsulation technology, which greatly improves the Module efficiency, and then its micro-cracking is reduced by more than 50%. This product also enjoys a 25-year warranty, which can bring you long-term and stable power generation benefits.
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Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Monocrystalline solar panels are a kind of solar panels made of monocrystalline silicon cell. It has a unique crystal structure that makes its conversion efficiency very high. The module conversion rate is as high as 22%. Monocrystalline solar panels have a wide power range from 60W to 300W. Users can find the solar panels suitable for their power levels according to electricity needs. In addition, the monocrystalline solar panels are also equipped with a Junction Box with a protection degree of IP67 or above, which can effectively prevent the entry of external substances such as moisture and dust, thereby ensuring the stability and long-term use of the system.
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