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15-50KW Off-Grid Lithium Battery Commercial Solar System

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15-50KW Off-Grid Lithium Battery Commercial Solar System

The 15-50KW off-grid commercial solar system refers to a large lithium battery energy storage system used in the commercial sector. With high capacity and large electrical energy storage capability, they provide functions such as backup power and power balance for commercial buildings, industrial facilities and energy projects.

Anern commercial solar lithium battery solution consists of high-voltage lithium battery, MPPT controller, inverter, high-efficiency solar panels and other accessories. With a service life of up to 25 years, it reduces dependence on traditional energy sources. Energy costs can be significantly reduced, thus increasing the return on investment.

We have a professional team of engineers to provide scientific and customized system solutions. If there is a need for higher configuration, please feel free to consult us.

 Off-Grid Lithium Battery Commercial Solar System Parameter


Model 15KW off Grid Solar System 20KW off Grid Solar System 30KW off Grid Solar Syste 50KW off Grid Solar Syste
Solar Panel

Half-cell Monocrystalline PV Module


Half-cell Monocrystalline PV Module


Half-cell Monocrystalline PV Module


Half-cell Monocrystalline PV Module

PV MPPT Controller 192V 80A 192V 100A 360V 80A 360V 80A
Inverter 15KW 20KW 30KW 50KW
Lithium Battery(optional) 58KWH 80KWH 116KWH 215KWH
PV Array Combiner Simplify wiring between PV array and controller*1pcs
Solar Panel Rack Roof Type
Cables International standard


Advantages of Off-Grid Lithium Battery Commercial Solar System 

  • Solar Panel
    Solar Panel
    Utilize the half-cut technology of solar panels to improve solar energy utilization and reduce power loss.

  • Controller &  Inverter
    Controller &  Inverter
    The 3-phase MPPT controller and pure sine wave inverter are used to protect the safe operation of the system.

  • Lithium Battery
    Lithium Battery
    Built-in BMS battery management system, deep cycle, no need for regular maintenance, high reliability.


Commercia & Industrial Solar System Solutions


Commercia & Industrial Solar System Solutions

Anern solar system solutions include commercial & industrial solar systems and home solar systems. Commercial & industrial solar systems are solutions that provide solar energy for the commercial and industrial sectors, and can satisfy customers with a high demand for electricity.


The application use of commercial & industrial solar energy system:

1.It can be applied in schools, hospitals and other public utility areas, which can provide reliable power supply for the daily operation of schools and hospitals.


2.Commercial & industrial solar systems are also suitable for powering various buildings. Whether it is a commercial building or an office, it can provide clean and sustainable solar energy for these places.


3. Playing an important role in industrial production, which requires a large amount of power support, commercial & industrial solar systems can not only meet the demand for electricity, but also reduce the dependence on traditional energy sources.


Off-Grid Lithium Battery Commercial Solar System Factory


Anern Off-grid Lithium Battery Commercial Solar System factory focuses on the development and application of lithium battery energy storage products.Off-grid Lithium commercial solar system is a system that uses solar energy to generate and store electricity, which can be operated independently of the power grid to provide a reliable power supply for commercial use. In addition,Anern Factory is also working on creating more competitive photovoltaic energy storage products and solutions.


Off-Grid Lithium Battery Commercial Solar System Factory

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4-10KW Off-Grid Lithium Battery Home Solar System
Anern 4-10kw off-grid home solar system consists of high-efficiency solar panels, hybrid inverter, brand new lithium battery and other accessories. It is a high-efficiency and alternative energy solution for homes and small offices. It can independently and whole Day-Night working. Long life span and high stability, experience energy independence. It can fit any space and need. With the progress of science and technology and the increase of people's demand for energy, the prospect of home lithium battery market application is still very broad. Anern 4-10kw off-grid home solar system is the best choice for various solar energy suppliers and wholesalers.
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1-60KW On-Grid Solar System
The grid-connected solar power generation system converts solar energy into electric energy without storing energy into the battery, and directly sends the electric energy to the grid through the grid-tied inverter. Commercial solar grid-connected power generation systems are used in commercial, industrial, and government power stations. The characteristics of electricity consumption in these places are mainly: large electricity consumption, long daily electricity consuming time, high voltage (mainly three-phase voltage), and high annual electricity bills. Through the solar grid-connected power generation system, most of the city power use can be saved every year, and the electricity bill is greatly reduced.
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