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Hybrid Solar Inverter


Hybrid Solar Inverter

Anern hybrid solar inverters have exclusive patented technology. The hybrid solar inverter EVO series is the latest products exclusively designed according to market needs. It adds the AC dual output function and built-in MMPT controller which can optimize energy conversion efficiency based on real-time output, maximizing the usage of solar resources. The hybrid inverter of Anern covers a power range of 1KW-10.2KW, which can be flexibly used to meet a variety of electricity needs.


Anern Hybrid Inverter Parameter Comparison


Model 7.2/8.2/10.2KW Hybrid Inverter 4.2/6.2KW Dual AC Output Hybrid Inverter 2/3.2KW Off-Grid Hybrid Inverter 1/1.5KW MPPT Hybrid Inverter Wifi-Communicated Hybrid Inverter
Rated Power 7.2/8.2/10.2KW 4.2/6.2KW 1.6/3.0KW 1/1.5KW 3.6/4.2/6.2KW
Maximum PV Array Power 7500/8200/10800W 6200/6500W 2000/3000W 550/1080W 6200/6200/6500W
MPPT DC Voltage Range 90-450VDC 60-450VDC 30-400VDC 20-150VDC/30-150VDC 90-450VDC
Maximum Charging Current 140/160/160A 120/120A 80/80A 40A 120/140/120A
Voltage 220-240VAC 220-240VAC 220-240VAC 220-240VAC 220-240VAC
Running without battery Yes Yes None None Yes
Wifi Function Yes Yes None None Yes
Mobile Lcd Display None None None None Yes
Status Indicator Yes Yes None None Yes

Anern Solar inverter Solution


Nowadays, there are 4 main types of solar inverters in the market, which are: string inverters, micro inverters, power optimizers and hybrid inverters. As the latest research achievement in the field of solar inverter, hybrid inverter has the advantage of integrating inverter and controller into one, realizing two-way power conversion. Anern specializes in the research and development of various hybrid inverters with different wattages and rich features, providing wholesalers, distributors, and end-users with a wide range of hybrid inverter application solutions.

  • Anern Solar inverter Solution Household Electricity
    Solar inverters convert the DC power collected by the solar panels into AC power. To power household appliances. Such as lights, TVs, fans, washing machines, etc.
  • Anern Solar inverter Solution Electric Vehicle Charging Station
    Solar inverters can be combined with electric vehicle charging posts to build commercial electric vehicle charging stations. It can provide green and sustainable EV charging service for commercial areas.
  • Anern Solar inverter Solution Industrial Electricity
    Solar inverters can be applied to industrial facilities such as factories, mines and other places for solar power systems. It can provide reliable green energy for industrial facilities and reduce dependence on traditional energy sources.
  • Anern Solar inverter Solution Commercial Electricity
    Solar inverters can be applied to the solar power system of commercial buildings, which can reduce the energy cost of commercial buildings and improve economic efficiency.
  • Anern Solar inverter Solution UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies
    Certain important systems in industry require uninterruptible power supplies, such as calculators, precision instruments, and so on. In the event of a power failure or overload, the inverter can play a role in continuing to supply power to the equipment.
  • Anern Solar inverter Solution Large-Scale Power Plants
    Large-scale power plants can inject large amounts of solar energy into the grid through solar inverters, realizing the large-scale utilization of renewable energy.

How to Choose Solar Inverter


How to Choose Solar Inverter

1、Determine the type of solar inverter according to your application needs. Anern inverters cover the three main types of on-grid inverters, off-grid inverters and hybrid inverters.

2、Compare the conversion efficiency of various types of solar inverters. The conversion efficiency of Anern inverters is up to 98%.

3.Understand the parameters and specifications of the inverter and its durability. Choose the durability of the inverter according to the environment, some inverters are not suitable for high temperature use and may damage their performance.

4, Estimate the solar panel power requirement. Generally the capacity of a inverter is slightly higher than the power of the solar panel.

5、Choose a reliable brand, Anern has 14 years of production experience and meets a series of international certification standards.

6、Cost control, as retailers and distributors, you need to choose the most cost-effective inverter supplier to provide you with products that can realize business value. Anern's hybrid inverters are the best choice for you.


Advantages of the Anern Hybrid Inverter

  • 1.Patented design, Anern can have a professional R & D team, which is better than most products in the market in terms of appearance and performance.
  • 2.Highly adapt to Anern solar components. The inverter can better manage the battery charging function according to the running state of the battery.
  • 3.Different from the hybrid inverter on the market, it is preferred to access the grid. The Anern inverter has unique functions: solar panels generate power, give priority to power supply directly, and excess storage to the battery. Power grid can better cope with complex occasions.
  • 4.Dual output function, this function ensures that your necessary equipment can be in working condition for a long time. In the EVO series, 4.2W & 6.2KW have the function of dual AC output, and 7.2KW and above have the function of dual PV input and dual AC output.


50 Sets Of 3.2kw Hybrid Solar Inverter Shipped To Mali

10 2024-04

50 Sets Of 3.2kw Hybrid Solar Inverter Shipped To Mali
Project Type: Commercial useInstallation Site: MaliInstallation Date: 5 February 2024System components: 50Pcs 3.2KW Hybrid Solar Inverter.Customer feedback:  This customer left a message on our website expressing a strong interest in purchasing EVO solar inverters. He clearly informed our salesman that he wanted to purchase the product at a specific target price and had strong expectations of a low price.   Upon receiving the customer's inquiry, our sales team did not immediately respond with a quote. We patiently communicated with the customer through multiple emails and phone calls to gain insight into his specific needs and budget. At the same time, we sent a 3.2KW EVO solar inverter as a sample to the customer. After receiving the sample, the customer carefully inspected it and expressed great satisfaction with the quality and performance of the product. He thought that although the price of this inverter was slightly higher than he expected, its excellent performance and quality were worth every penny.   The customer finally decided to order Anern's EVO solar inverters. In his order confirmation email, he wrote: "We really like your product and service! We look forward to many more years of cooperation.”  
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105 Sets Evo Solar Inverters Were Shipped To Iraq

01 2024-02

105 Sets Evo Solar Inverters Were Shipped To Iraq
Project Type: Commercial Use Installation Site: Iraq Installation Date: November 15, 2023 System components: 105 Sets Evo-Series Solar Inverters Customer feedback: An energy company in Iraq recently purchased 105 Evo inverters from Anern. After a period of testing, they are very satisfied with these inverters. The performance of these inverters is very stable and the output power is strong enough to meet their needs. The solar inverters are easy to install and use. The manager of this Iraqi company highly recognized Anern's products and services. Meanwhile, they are looking forward to continue the cooperation in the future.      
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Wholesale solar inverter project in Ukraine

26 2022-12

Wholesale solar inverter project in Ukraine
Project Type: Commercial UseInstallation Site: UkraineInstallation Date: December 2022System components: Wholesale solar inverter project in UkraineCustomer feedback: As the demand for solar inverters in Ukraine is gradually increasing, after purchasing and testing inverter samples of different brands, Anern’s EX-PRO inverter has the best performance, so I decided to purchase EX-PRO inverters in bulk from Anern. converter. After being put into use, it has received unanimous praise from customers.      
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Wholesale solar panels project in Romania

14 2023-04

Wholesale solar panels project in Romania
Project Type: Commercial UseInstallation Site: RomaniaInstallation Date: April 12, 2023System components: Wholesale solar panels project in RomaniaCustomer feedback: The Anern 550w Half-cut mono solar panels are sold worldwide and there is a growing demand for solar energy in Romania, a country located in the south-east of Europe. This is the first time that we have worked together with this client and we hope that we will be able to develop further with each other in the future  
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