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2KW 3.2KW Off-Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter

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2KW 3.2KW Off-Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter

AN-SCI-EVO2000&3200 series off-grid inverters. As a hybrid inverter that combines the functions of inverter and controller, the MPPT voltage range is 30-400 VDC, allowing the first time the open circuit voltage of the connected solar panels is higher than 35 VDC, and the later 30 VDC stable input allows the inverter to be used normally. It means that less solar panels are needed to power on. It is a more economical and efficient solar energy solution for homes and small commercial systems.

 2KW 3.2KW Off-Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter Parameter


Model SCI-EVO-2000 SCI-EVO-3200
Rated Power 2000VA/1600W 3200VA/3000W
Surge Power 4000VA 6400VA
Battery Voltage 12VDC 24VDC
Maximum PV Array Power 2000W 3000W
Dimension: D x W x H (mm) 360*270*100mm 390*270*100mm
Selectable Voltage Range 170-280 VAC/90-280 VAC
Frequency Range 50 Hz/60 Hz (Auto sensing)
MPPT Range Operating Voltage 30-400VDC
Transfer Time 10 ms/20 ms

Maximum Charging Current


Communication interface



Kev Features:

1.Pure Sine Wave Solar Hybrid Inverter

2. Output Power Factor 1.0

3.Bulit-in MPPT solar controller, max charge current 80A

4.Max 2000W & 3000W solar input power respectively

5.Wide PV input voltage range (30-400VDC), lowest voltage only 30V

6.Built-in anti-dusk kit for harsh environment

7.Smart battery charge design to maximize battery lifespan

8.Compatibe with lithium battery

9.WIFI available for IOS and Android systems


Advantages of Hybrid Solar Inverter  


Advantages of Hybrid Solar Inverter

Anern EVO2000&3200 series inverters, the voltage range of MPPT is 30-400VDC, the first time you connect the solar panel open-circuit voltage as long as it is higher than 35VDC, and after that, it can be operated normally when it is stabilised at 30VDC.


The Role of Hybrid Inverter In Photovoltaic System


The role of hybrid inverter in photovoltaic system

1. The inverter is the key to converting DC power to AC power. The electricity generated by solar panels is DC, which cannot be used directly for household or industrial use, and needs to be converted to AC.


2. The inverter regulates and optimises the power output to make it more stable and efficient. The power generated by solar panels is unstable and can be affected by the environment, temperature and other factors.


3. The inverter can monitor and manage the power. Through the monitoring and management of electric energy, it can discover abnormalities in electric energy output in time to ensure the normal operation of the photovoltaic system.


4. The inverter can also improve the safety of the PV system. The inverter can isolate and protect the electric energy, avoiding the electric energy causing harm to human body and equipment.


5. The inverter can also carry out overload protection, short circuit protection and other measures to ensure the safe operation of the photovoltaic power generation system.


Hybrid Solar Inverter Factory


Anern inverter factory not only has advanced solar technology, but also has exquisite craftsmanship, advanced management mechanism, pays great attention to quality control in the production process, has a perfect quality management system, and holds ISO 9001, CE, ROHS and other quality management system certificates. At the same time, during the production process, we will also carry out a number of procedures of strict testing and product sampling to ensure that the quality of the inverter is stable and reliable.


Hybrid Solar Inverter Factory

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