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96-1000V High Voltage UPS Lithium Battery

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High Voltage Lithium Battery
96-1000V  UPS Lithium Battery
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96-1000V High Voltage UPS Lithium Battery

High-voltage UPS lithium batteries are a type of batteries applied to uninterruptible power supply equipment in high-voltage environments, usually operating at voltages between 100V and 1,000V. It consists of multiple battery modules to increase the power and capacity of the whole system, and is characterized by flexible configuration and reliability. It is mainly used to provide backup power to ensure that critical equipment continues to operate in the event of grid failure or power outage, etc. 

High Voltage UPS Lithium Battery Parameter
Nominal Capacity(AH) Nominal Capacitance(Kwh) Nominal Voltage Vmin Vmax
280 67.20 240.00 187.50 273.75
280 80.64 288.00 225.00 328.50
280 80.64 288.00 225.00 328.50
280 96.77 345.60 270.00 394.20
280 94.08 336.00 262.50 383.25
280 112.90 403.20 315.00 459.90
280 107.52 384.00 300.00 438.60
280 129.02 460.80 360.00 525.60
280 120.96 432.00 337.50 492.75
280 145.15 518.40 405.00 591.30
280 134.40 480.00 375.00 547.50
280 161.28 576.00 450.00 657.00
280 147.84 528.00 412.50 602.25
280 177.41 633.60 495.00 722.70
280 161.28 576.00 450.00 657.00
280 193.54 691.20 540.00 788.40
280 174.72 624.00 487.50 711.75
280 209.66 748.80 585.00 854.10
280 188.16 672.00 525.00 766.50
280 225.79 806.40 630.00 919.80
280 201.60 720.00 562.50 821.25
280 241.92 864.00 675.00 985.50
280 215.04 768.00 600.00 876.00
280 258.05 921.60 720.00 1050.20



Advantages of High Voltage UPS Lithium Battery


Flexible configuration

Flexible configuration


Solar UPS lithium battery is a flexible, modular and scalable battery pack. Anern configures different capacities and voltages according to customer needs, providing diversified solar energy system solutions.



Smart BMS system

Smart BMS system


Built-in BMS management system can effectively monitor and manage the battery module and system to ensure safe and reliable operation; remote intelligent monitoring, real-time monitoring of the system operation, timely repair of faults makes long life.



Reliable High Voltage UPS Lithium Battery Solution


Supporting solar and grid power charging.

The high-performance BMS system improves the overall safety and service life of the entire system. 
It is widely used in photovoltaic energy storage, home energy storage, data room, industrial energy storage and other fields.
  • Photovoltaic Energy Storage

    Photovoltaic Energy Storage

  • Home Energy Storage

    Home Energy Storage

  • Industrial Energy Storage

    Industrial Energy Storage


Anern High Voltage UPS Lithium Battery Factory


With an area of more than 30,000 square meters, Anern's factory has advanced production facilities, and the production line is equipped with automated equipment and strict quality control system. Anern's high voltage lithium battery factory is committed to providing high performance, stable and reliable high voltage lithium battery products to meet the needs of different fields. Anern can also provide customized products and solutions according to customers' specific requirements.


96-1000V High Voltage UPS Lithium Battery

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