Solar System Solutions

From commercial office buildings, to industrial parks and rural areas, PV commercial and industrial solutions are able to realize energy supply in various fields. With the continuous promotion of technological innovation and policy support, PV industrial and commercial solutions have been further developed, Anern will be able to provide more stable and efficient energy solutions for enterprises and residents.

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  • Diversified Products
    Diversified Products

    Anern's solar PV products include a wide range of solar inverters, solar batteries, solar panels, off-grid/on-grid solar systems and solar energy storage system. 

  • Industrialised Layout
    Industrialised Layout

    Anern is market-oriented, and has continuously promoted product development and factory construction.

  • 15 Years of Industry Experience
    15 Years of Industry Experience

    Anern has a wealth of overseas project cooperation experience, and its products serve more than 200 countries, committed to serving the world.

  • Optimised Return on Investment
    Optimised Return on Investment

    Anern offers the best solutions with high yields and short payback periods to optimize your return on investment.



Solar Battery

Solar Battery

Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Hybrid Solar Inverter

Hybrid Solar Inverter

Low Frequency Solar Inverter

Low Frequency Solar Inverter

Solar Storage System

Solar Storage System

Solar Power System

Solar Power System

Solar Controller

Solar Controller

25.6V 51.2V LiFePO4 Lithium Solar Battery

As part of the solar power system, solar lithium batteries play an important role in energy storage, emergency backup and environmental protection. Anern solar lithium battery modular design, small size, light weight; LCD display that shows various parameters of battery operation and LED indicator that switches colors according to the battery operation status for real-time monitoring of machine operation; support multiple parallel machines, automatic address acquisition without manual operation; using new A-grade lithium battery, long service life over 8 years; BMS battery management system, with 200A continuous overcurrent capacity, mainly used in household solar energy solutions.

Solar Lithium Battery Installation
25.6V 48V CATL LiFePO4 Solar Battery

The solar lithium battery system can promote the use of renewable energy, with the role of energy reserves, balancing the load on the grid and improving the stability of the power system. The newly-designed lithium battery of Anern has a capacity of up to 300AH, adopts high-performance processor and international brand devices, and is available in floor-standing or wall-mounted design, which is an ideal solution for home solar power system.

CATL Lifepo4 Lithium Solar Battery
580W N-Type Bifacial Solar Panel

Solar panels are the core component of the solar power system, N-Type series solar panels, The combination of half-cut cell technology and bifacial module can amplify the gain over the effect of current-reduction. Better light trapping and current collection to improve module power output and reliability, Efficiency of up to 22.45%. It can provide better solar panel solutions to meet different application needs and promote the development and application of solar power systems.

Stable Performance Solar Cell
430W N-Type Dual Glass Solar Panel

Anern's N-Series solar panels utilize a combination of half-cut cell technology and bifacial modules. It also utilizes Hot 2.0 technology for increased reliability. Compared to traditional solar panels, it absorbs sunlight on both sides so that the power output and efficiency of the module is greatly improved. N-type modules averagely generate 3 .9% more electricity than traditional modules.

China Solar Panel Manufacturer
4.2KW 6.2KW Dual AC Output Hybrid Solar Inverter

 AN-SCI-EVO 4200 & 6200 series hybrid solar inverter. Distinguished from other hybrid inverters on the market, with dual AC output and more transportable design. When the battery voltage is low, the inverter shall disconnect the main load and ensure the output of the secondary load, which can extend the operation time of the secondary load. Anern EVO4200&6200 series solar hybrid inverter is one of the most demanded inverters in the market due to its moderate capacity, comprehensive functions and high compatibility. It can fulfill the solar power needs of home and small commercial users and provide them with reliable and efficient solar power conversion solutions.

Nice Hybrid Solar Inverter Solutions
10.2KW Hybrid Solar Inverter

AN-SCI-EVO 10200 series hybrid solar inverters It has dual PV inputs and dual AC outputs function to ensure the stability of the load. WIFI Communication, Remote monitoring of the operating status of the inverter through the terminal device ensures the good operation of the whole system. It also adopts a newly developed LCD display with Touch button function, which is more convenient to use and has a more premium look.  With maximum power up to 10200W, equipped with advanced electronic components and control technology, it can realize efficient power conversion and stable power output to meet higher power demand, which is the perfect solution for off-grid standby power supply for families and small businesses.

Solar Power Inverter Solution
Flexible Backup Power Low Frequency Solar Inverter

Low frequency inverter is a power conversion device that converts DC to AC. It usually operates at a low frequency, typically around 45Hz or 65Hz. The low-frequency inverter is mainly composed of an input DC power supply, an inverter circuit, an output transformer and an output AC circuit. Anern 1000-12000W low frequency solar inverters are also equipped with over-voltage, over-current, overload and short-circuit protection to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. The wide range of power output makes the high power low frequency inverter suitable for a variety of application scenarios, such as: industrial production, commercial use or large home power supply.

Hybrid Solar UPS Inverter Solution
High Power Support Low Frequency Solar Inverter

Low-frequency inverter is a power conversion device that converts DC to AC. It generally operates at around 45Hz or 65Hz. It mainly consists of an input DC power supply, an inverter circuit, an output transformer and an output AC circuit. This product utilizes a high-precision DSP control chip and precise detection circuits, as well as advanced control technology. It is capable of outputting pure sinusoidal current and has several selectable operating modes. At the same time, it has the ability of wide-frequency and wide-voltage input, which can be applied to the input of diesel generator or gasoline generator. In addition, this product offers 8 preset battery voltage options, including Li-Ion batteries, and users can also customize the options to suit their needs. These features make this product very flexible and versatile, and it is suitable for important equipment with unstable utility power or frequent power outages that require backup power.

Lifespan Long Low Frequency  Inverter
Portable Solar Storage System

Anern independently developed all-in-one high-frequency lithium battery storage system with MPPT controller, built-in new lithium battery. Standing Wheel design allows it to balance and move on the ground for greater flexibility and adaptability. Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity, which is supplied to the equipment connected to the storage system, and can store excess electricity for use in emergencies. It improves energy efficiency and is suitable for power supply needs in a variety of situations.

All-in-one Lithium Battery Storage System
Lithium Battery Solar System

Anern's All-in-one solar lithium battery storage system. Hardware, software comprehensive upgrade, better stability, Just connect the solar panels to power the load. double CPU intelligent control technology, MPPT Controller greatly improving the charging efficiency more than 20%, Safe and reliable. Portable storage provide portable, easy-to-use and versatile solutions for a variety of scenarios where equipment needs to be moved frequently. Provides better flexibility and convenience in powering user loads.

500-5000W Portable Storage System
4-10KW Off-Grid Lithium Battery Home Solar System

Anern 4-10kw off-grid home solar system consists of high-efficiency solar panels, hybrid inverter, brand new lithium battery and other accessories. It is a high-efficiency and alternative energy solution for homes and small offices. It can independently and whole Day-Night working. Long life span and high stability, experience energy independence. It can fit any space and need. With the progress of science and technology and the increase of people's demand for energy, the prospect of home lithium battery market application is still very broad. Anern 4-10kw off-grid home solar system is the best choice for various solar energy suppliers and wholesalers.

Lithium Battery Solar Energy System
15-50KW Off-Grid Lithium Battery Commercial Solar System

The 15-50KW off-grid commercial solar system refers to a large lithium battery energy storage system used in the commercial sector. With high capacity and large electrical energy storage capability, they provide functions such as backup power and power balance for commercial buildings, industrial facilities and energy projects. Anern commercial solar lithium battery solution consists of high-voltage lithium battery, MPPT controller, inverter, high-efficiency solar panels and other accessories. With a service life of up to 25 years, it reduces dependence on traditional energy sources. Energy costs can be significantly reduced, thus increasing the return on investment. We have a professional team of engineers to provide scientific and customized system solutions. If there is a need for higher configuration, please feel free to consult us.

Solar Panel System Lead-acid Battery
20A 30A 40A 60A Mppt Solar Controller

MPPT solar controller adopts maximum power point tracking technology. Anern's new generation controllers, the MSC series, are solar controllers that adopts our own technology.The MPPT tracking efficiency is 99.5%, and the power generation efficiency of the entire system can reach 97%. Compared with the PWM controller, The MPPT can improve the control accuracy and the output power of the solar panel can be increased by 5%-30%.

Solar System Charge Controller
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As one of the world's leading suppliers of integrated solar products, Anern focuses on the development and manufacturing of solar products to continuously improve product quality and performance. Our products can meet a variety of applications in the field of solar energy, such as solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries, solar storage systems and so on. At present, Anern has been designated as an excellent brand in many countries. Anern’s products have been successfully installed in hundreds of countries and regions.

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