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Portable Solar Storage System

Anern independently developed all-in-one high-frequency lithium battery storage system with MPPT controller, built-in new lithium battery. Standing Wheel design allows it to balance and move on the ground for greater flexibility and adaptability. Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity, which is supplied to the equipment connected to the storage system, and can store excess electricity for use in emergencies. It improves energy efficiency and is suitable for power supply needs in a variety of situations.

Portable Solar Storage System Parameter


Model MPSG-E1000 MPSG-E3600 MPSG-E6200
Battery Voltage 12.8V 25.6V 48V
Rated Power 1000W 3600W 6200W
Input Voltage Range 220/230/240VAC
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Voltage 195.5-253VAC
Output Wave Pure Sine Wave
Speficifation Of Built-in Lithium Battery 1280WH 2560WH 4800WH
Solar Input
Max. PV Power 550W 6200W 6500W
Range Of Charging Voltage 20-150VDC 60-450VDC 60-450VDC
Rated Charge Current 80A 120A 120A
Display Digital LCD
Electricity Charging Yes
W*D*H(mm) 321*491*140.5mm 441*701*231mm 441*701*231mm
W*D*H(mm) 570*390*230mm 810*540*340mm 810*540*340mm


Advantages Of Portable Solar Storage System


All-In-One Design

All-In-One Design

Built-in new LiFePo4  lithium battery, integrated max current 120A controller and pure sine wave solar hybrid  inverter. It's lightweight and portable. It produces maximum efficiency of up to 98%.


RGB Indicator Light

RGB Indicator Light

It will switch to display different colors in different working modes to monitor the machine operation at any time. The mains supply mode/energy-saving mode/battery mode can be set for flexible.


Application Of Portable Solar Storage System


Portable solar energy storage system is a device that integrates solar power generation, energy storage and power management functions to provide reliable power support for various electronic devices in the outdoors. Here are a few specific applications:


Portable Solar Storage System

Outdoor Activities: Portable solar storage system is suitable for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and wilderness exploration. It collects sunlight through solar panels, converts it into electricity, and then stores it in the built-in battery. When power is needed, it connects to electronic devices such as tablets, lighting devices, etc. via usb port for charging or power supply.

Field work: For those who need to work in the field, such as those in mining, construction, surveying, emergency relief and other industries, a portable solar storage system can provide power support. It can charge mobile devices, tools and communication equipment enabling users to maintain work in remote areas or where grid power is not available.

Traveling and Campervans: The portable solar storage system is an ideal solar energy solution for those who own a campervan or motorhome. It can provide electrical support for in-vehicle electronics, lighting systems and water pumps, reducing reliance on vehicle batteries.

Overall, the portable solar storage system has a wide range of application scenarios. It can provide reliable power support for various electronic devices in outdoor environments without grid power, as well as an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solution.


Portable Solar Storage System Factory


Anern's solar portable storage system factory is where cutting-edge technology meets exquisite craftsmanship. With world-leading production lines and an innovative team, we are dedicated to creating efficient, portable solar energy storage solutions. Every product undergoes rigorous quality control and lean manufacturing processes here to ensure the highest standards.

Solar Storage System

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Lithium Battery Solar System
Anern's All-in-one solar lithium battery storage system. Hardware, software comprehensive upgrade, better stability, Just connect the solar panels to power the load. double CPU intelligent control technology, MPPT Controller greatly improving the charging efficiency more than 20%, Safe and reliable. Portable storage provide portable, easy-to-use and versatile solutions for a variety of scenarios where equipment needs to be moved frequently. Provides better flexibility and convenience in powering user loads.
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