Anern 15KW Off-grid Solar Power System in Zimbabwe
Delease Date:2021-12-17

Project Name:Anern 15KW Off-grid Solar Power System in Zimbabwe

Date:Dec. 2021

Project Type:Off-grid Solar Power System Commercial Project

Project Site:Mutare, Zimbabwe 

Quantity and specific configuration:One complete off-grid solar power system includes 28pcs poly solar panel, 1pc 96V 100A MPPT Controller, 1pcs PV Array Combiner, 1pcs AC220V 1-phase output Inverter, 1set 12V280AH Battery, Solar Panel Rack and cables

Description:Client imported these 1 sets 15KW off-grid solar power system for The government project. After all components are installed and the system worked, it has been running for one week and it is perfect, no errors no shut down.

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