Solutions for Solar Energy Systems
Delease Date:2021-03-24

One of the biggest challenges facing the renewable sector is the need to balance supply and demand. The power supplied by photovoltaic (PV) modules fluctuates heavily depending on weather conditions.

PV modules supply power in the form of direct current (DC). This has to be converted to alternating current (AC) before it can be fed into the grid and be either consumed locally or transmitted to the point of use. Solar inverters convert DC to AC.

Combining solar panels with energy storage systems is one effective way of synchronizing supply and demand. Efficient and reliable power semiconductors and inverter technologies are required to convert DC to AC and transmit the power with minimal losses. Depending on their implementation topologies, inverters fall into the micro-inverter, power optimizer, string inverter or central inverter categories.

Our portfolio comprises a broad selection of inverters ranging from just a few watts and kilowatts for residential use to several megawatts for the commercial and utility-scale markets. It includes off-grid solar power system , on-grid solar power system  and solar storage system and solar pv modules as well as highly integrated 3-phase inverter, functionally integrated gate driver and controllers. Backed by our end-to-end application expertise, we offer the best chip combinations to achieve leading power density levels and best-in-class efficiency. Our wide portfolio ensures the perfect match for a wide range of solar applications including residential, small and large commercial, and utility-scale deployments.

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